3 Great Reasons to Ditch Chocolate for Cheese this Valentine’s Day

Are you tired of buying the same overpriced heart-shaped box for your partner every year?

Instead of an expensive, mediocre sampling from big-box retailers, offer your partner something more thoughtful and delicious.

Like our cheese. Rocking W Dairy’s cheeses are organic and made with milk that’s less than a day old, so they’re much fresher than dusty candy that’s been sitting around since November. Your money even goes straight to supporting a small, family-owned business.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are three more good reasons to ditch chocolate for cheese this Valentine’s Day.

1) Chocolate is boring.

Are you buying your partner chocolate because you love them? Or have all the commercials and sales displays pressured you into it?

Offering a gift on Valentine’s Day is traditional, of course, but you can still be original while doing so.

Giving cheese over chocolate shows that you’ve put thought and effort into a gift for your partner. That, in turn, is much more romantic than that off-the-shelf box of sweets.

2) Chocolate is a diet-wrecker.

Maybe your partner has already broken their diet resolution — that’s okay. But if they haven’t given up yet, Valentine’s Day is setting them up for failure. You can help them stay on track.

Like chocolate, cheese is an indulgent treat. However, cheese contains fewer calories and fats than chocolate.

What’s more, cheese often offers a small dose of probiotics, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, and more to help benefit your partner’s health — or at least give them a good excuse to eat all of it in one sitting.

3) Chocolate is caffeinated.

All chocolate has naturally occurring caffeine in it. Darker varieties can even contain as much caffeine as a can of dark soda.  

Why should you care? Because too much caffeine can lead to irritability, nausea, and headaches, all of which can kill a romantic mood.

On the other hand, cheese offers great taste without any side effects. Unless, of course, you both overindulge. Then we can’t be held responsible for whatever happens next.


It doesn’t have to be intimidating to choose a cheese, either! Follow our recommendations to pick a flavor your partner will love.

If your loved one likes dark chocolate, choose Chipotle Jack.

Both flavors are rich and intense. Rocking W’s Chipotle Jack offers smoky heat and a sharp bite. It’s more than a match for dark chocolate.

If they prefer white chocolate, pick Cucumber Dill.

White chocolate is soft, sweet, and light, so try swapping it out for our Cucumber Dill. Springtime cucumber combines with dill for a brighter experience.

Milk chocolate? Try Baby Swiss.

Milk chocolate is for people who don’t like intense tastes. That’s why we recommend Baby Swiss, which is deliciously mild.

Don’t know your partner’s pick?

There’s always Garlic Chive, our universal favorite. Paired with wheat crackers, it offers traditional goodness to suit all palates.


So, are you ditching chocolate for cheese this Valentine’s Day? And if you did, did your partner like it? Let us know below!

Miranda Jade Friel

Miranda Jade Friel